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Tuesday for Tuesday, 7.1

In the conclusion of Chapter 6, Tuesday is shocked to see her island fling, Zack Meadows, at her agent's office. Read on for what happens immediately after...

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday's  Tornado: Chapter 7, Part 1
by Lindsey Michelle

     Tuesday couldn’t believe that she was staring at Zack. Had it really been only a week since she’d seen him? It felt as though years had passed. Here he was, dressed for a meeting, looking different than she’d ever seen him. She wondered if she looked different to him, too.
     Her question was answered as he said, “I don’t know if I’d recognize you.”
     Her agent looked up from the desk. “Old friends, the two of you?”
     “Yes,” Tuesday lied. “We go way back.”
     The phone rang, interrupting their conversation.
     “I’m going to take this in my colleague’s office. You two talk until I get back,” her agent said.
     As soon as he left the room, Tuesday plopped into the other chair. “What are you doing here? Who are you?”
     Zack laughed lightly.
     “Don’t sit there and laugh.”
      He stopped and grew serious. “No, it’s just… what question do you want answered first?”
     “The ‘who are you’ part. Why is my agent calling you Zack Meadows?”
      Zack put his hands up as if pleading innocent. “He’s not – I told him to give you that name, it’s the only one you’d recognize. I’m not trying to fool him.”
     “You’re only trying to fool me.”
     “Not fool,” he said softly.
     Tuesday took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. She steadied her gaze, forcing herself to look into his eyes. “Then why…”
     “Every time a woman hears my name – especially if they’re an actress – it’s not about me anymore. It’s about what I can do for them.” He paused. “Even the non-actresses suddenly acquire a deep desire to pursue acting. Or they’re shoving scripts at me.”
     Tuesday thought about his reasoning. Though reluctant to admit, she could relate. It was why she’d given Kenneth a false name when they’d first met. However, she would’ve never let it go on for so long, would she?
     She wanted to ask him whether there was a point where he trusted her a little – why had he not revealed the truth. But she didn’t ask these questions. It was as though she already knew the thin answers. She, too, had been playing a role during their vacation. Though she’d given her real name, she’d played the no-strings-attached Tuesday, spontaneous and worry-free.
     “You knew who I was the entire time,” Tuesday verified.
     Zack seemed to want to clarify. “Vaguely. The commercials and billboards confirmed it when I arrived home.”
     Already Tuesday felt better. He wasn’t here to blackmail her or expose their fling. Still, what was he here for?
     “So there’s still something I’m missing…” she trailed off.
     “Time for the big reveal, right?” He stuck out her hand, as if to shake hers. “I’m Tony Fields.”
     The producer? Tuesday wanted to exclaim, but refrained herself. She frequently read his name in the trades. He was gaining a reputation for putting together small films with staying power.
     Then, Tuesday almost laughed: Meadows… Fields… of course. If only she’d thought about it.
     “Clever,” she said. “Nice to meet you. Again.”
     Her agent reentered the room, remarking, “So, did Tony fill you in on why we’re here?”
     “We were just getting to that,” Tuesday said, glancing at Tony.
     “I thought you might be interested in a period piece…” Tony said.
      “You want to put me in a movie?”
     Tony smiled. “I think you give a great performance.”
     Tuesday couldn’t look at him. She tried not to blush. “Let’s discuss.”

     That night, after the meeting at her agent’s office, after the store opening gala, Tuesday lay in her hotel bed, thinking of the day’s events. She’d told Peter she would call him, but she felt emotionally exhausted. She hoped it wouldn’t put a damper on their friendship if she skipped a late-night chat.
     Turning off the lamp, she closed her eyes, ready to drift into sleep. It was only a minute before the telephone rang. She figured it was Peter; she’d let the hotel tell him she didn’t pick up. Then again, why was he calling the hotel phone? She opened her eyes and picked up the receiver.
     “I didn’t wake you, did I?”
     “Zack?” Tuesday sat up a bit, shaking her head. “I mean, Tony.”
     “I’m heading out for a few weeks to look at some locations in Europe,” he said. “I was wondering if we could have lunch tomorrow before I leave.”
     “Sure,” she agreed, without hesitation. “But it would have to be sort of early – eleven?”
     “Okay,” he agreed, and they chose a restaurant.
     Tuesday was about to wrap up the call when he added, “Or I could come by right now and we could revisit our Jacuzzi time.”
     She was glad they were on the telephone, so he couldn’t see her cheeks flush.
     “And put on a show for the hotel? You’ll have to buy yourself a private Jacuzzi before that happens,” she said.
     Tuesday hung up quickly, just in case he did, indeed, have a Jacuzzi of his own.

To Be Continued...

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Author Interview: Sabrina Zackery

Sabrina Zackery is the recipient of numerous awards and honorable mentions for her screenplays and recently placed second in the 2011 Kids First Film Festival for her feature script The Horse of His Dreams. I interviewed Sabrina about her writing process, The Horse of His Dreams, and her short script based on the same story, titled Are We There Yet?

Continue reading below the interview for an excerpt from The Horse of His Dreams!

 Interview with Sabrina Zackery
Q: Your feature is also written as a short script -- which did you write first?

SZ: I wrote the feature length script first.   The Horse of His Dreams was the first screenplay I ever wrote .  Many rewrites and ten years later, I got it right. Talk about a learning curve.  I wrote the short script last year to challenge myself  and to produce and direct a short.  When the short script, Are We There Yet?, won an award at the International Family Film Festival, I knew I was on the right track.  When the feature script won this year at the Kids First! Film Festival, it validated what I wanted to achieve. Audiences want good solid family stories, with strong values. 

Q: How did you come up with the storyline?

SZ: I was lucky to have met horse trainer,Joseph Donohue through a mutual friend. When he told me had horses, I made the trip from Los Angeles to visit him in Reno, Nevada.  I found his story about his mustang stallion ,Myriah fascinating.    The idea of capturing a wild mustang was so romantic to me.   It’s reminiscent to the old school American Dream; a house, kids, a secure job.  During these very troubled times, I want to cultivate dreams in children.  I want kids to put down the cells, the iPads, the games and utilize that big three pound muscle between their ears.  I want kids to know that you can dream and it will come true.  Most people are arm-chair dreamers. It’s easy to sit back and talk it. It’s not so easy to make a dream a reality.

Q: What was your writing process? Did you create an outline first?

SZ: Aspiring writers, do not try this at home.

I set a theme. I’ll consider events around me or something that I’ve experienced to serve as the vehicle for that theme. I create the characters, their flaws, their quirks, their objectives.  Then I go back and write the treatment. I have a beginning, middle and the end of the story.   Good, bad or indifferent, I just put the words on the paper.  If it doesn’t flow in the treatment, then I know it’s not going to flow in the script. Then, I edit.  My style is completely backwards.  The down side is that this can be VERY time consuming.  In my script, Act of Forgiveness, I labored for over one year to get the third character in the ménage de trois correct. When I was on set of the movie, Black Water Valley Exorcism, the lead actor impressed me so much, that I wrote that character just for him.  Not the most efficient way to write, but the most fun because I’ve met some cool people over the years that have been the inspiration for my characters. It pays to be my friend because you will probably end up in my script.

Q: Some of the other writing on your resume is horse-related; is this an interest, hobby, passion?

SZ: When I was a little girl growing up in Los Angeles, I wanted a horse.  I would beg my mother to take me to the pony rides at Griffith Park and often lost the battle.   I vowed I would get a horse when I got older. Now I have four.  I train, show and I was a carriage driving judge for some time. I produced and directed an award winning instructional DVD, The 15 Minute Horse Lesson and wrote a book about training.   So horses are in my blood. They give me an incredible  amount of joy and keep me grounded. 

Q: You were a contributing writer on a nonfiction book with an afterlife theme. Do you often feature supernatural themes in your writing?

SZ: My spiritually guides me. I was raised Catholic, but I’ve been a student of Kabbalah for many years.  Stepping away from Catholicism allowed me to embrace the world, to accept people and events in the world without judgment. I do believe that there is more than just what we see and experience in this reality.  I have a strong connection to the afterlife.  My father, uncle, grandmother, and friends have passed over. They all guide me when I need it. I believe they are my angels.  I write about it because I want readers and viewers to consider that maybe there is something else out there.  Expand your capacity to experience.  It’s that simple.

Q: How long have you been writing? Are you a full-time writer?

 SZ: I’ve been screen writing about ten years. I wrote poetry for years before that and fell into magazine writing by accident.  It’s not full time because I haven’t figure out how to go through life without eating.  Writing gives me a sense of satisfaction that I never got when I worked in the corporate world. It feeds me in other ways.

Q: Jim's dialect is very specific -- how do you make the dialogue sound realistic?

SZ: I’m painfully observant.  That comes from my childhood.  I grew up in a household that dictated children should be seen and not heard.  It’s in my personality. I just sit back, watch and listen to everything and everyone around me. Then I literally crawl into the character and carry on a conversation – with or without someone in the room. It comes across as schizophrenic, but it works for me. Also having many actors as friends helps.
Q: Any current projects you want to mention?

SZ: I’m currently working on my book, taking off my coat – release fat from you body, mind and spirit.  I have a blog, www.takingoffmycoat.com that addresses fat on all three levels and how I handle being 65 pounds lighter on a daily basis.  Also I am working on the second edition of my horse training manual, Training The Trainer.  This is the companion workbook for my awarding winning DVD, The 15 Minute Horse Lesson.  I approach the subject of horse training, not only as an issue with the horse, but as an issue with the horse owner/trainer. Often, the fears of the horse owner are transferred to the horse. Our equine companions are mirrors to aspects of our personalities that we have buried.  I can see my personality in each one of my horses.  Like it or not, when one of my horses challenges me, I have to take a look at what’s bothering me. And I’m in pre-production for my next video; a teaser for The Horse Of His Dreams.  It’s a lot but when I’m stalled on one project, I moved to another.  That way I completely bypass writers block and never get bored.

Thanks, Sabrina!

Excerpt from The Horse of His Dreams

Please note: Any formatting that looks a bit "off" (such as oddly centered dialogue) is due to limitations of the blog format, not Sabrina's original screenplay.


A Nevada Highway Patrol car turns around in front of Thomas' jeep. The Patrol car heads down the highway. The cars follow behind.


Joseph pops his head outside the jeep.

The truck carrying horses that were
on their way to Texas to be adopted,
lost control when a driver...


The stock trailer's rear door and ramp are broken off. Blood dots the gray rusted surface. Hoof prints trail off onto the hillside.

... swerved into the lane of the
oncoming livestock truck. The Highway
Patrol has been unable to locate the
driver of the vehicle. The truck
driver had no injuries.

Thomas slows down to take a look. Cars behind him HONK.


The carcass of a dead horse is visible behind the truck cab.


Joseph leans inside and turns up the volume.

The horses that escaped are running
free in the Red Rock Valley area.
If anyone sees the mustangs at large,
please call BLM. Do not try to
captures these wild animals.


Thomas speeds away.


A large office trailer sits behind several holding corrals full of captured mustangs.

SUPER: " Palomino Valley, Nevada."

A group of REPORTERS jockey for position in front of the office. BLM Agent #1 swims through the sea of bodies, dodging questions and camera lenses.


JIM TAYLOR sits at his desk. Built like a bulldog, he rolls left and right, searching for a comfortable spot for his stocky body in his too small chair. His office is decorated with photos of Jim and blue ribbon winning horses.

AGENT #1 enters the office.

You wanted to see me?



Anything wrong, sir?

Jim gets up from his seat and waddles over to the window.

He stares out.

You know this adoption program is
being watched by every humane society
animal lovin' pansy in the country.

Yes sir.

Everybody wants to make sure we do
this thing right. For the sake of
the mustangs.

Yes sir.

So, you can see that this little
cargo problem out on 395 is making
us look real bad.

Yes sir.

Jim waddles over to the BLM Agent.

We got horses running all over Red
Rock Valley that shoulda been in
Texas. We gotta get them mangy
mustangs rounded up again and outta
here by the end of the week.

Yes sir.

The sooner we rid the world of them
good for nothin' mustangs, the better.
I'm ridin' with you to hunt'em down.
Got it?

Yes sir.

BLM Agent #1 beats a hasty retreat. Jim meanders back to his desk and admires his prize-winning horses.


The living room is dark. The warm ashes from the fireplace softly glow in the room. Thomas is asleep. Joseph tosses and turns in his sleeping bag.


The wind stirs.

A shadow of a horse appears on top of the mountain overlooking the Donohue house.


Joseph stands on the front porch.


The shadow gallops down the mountainside.


The galloping gets louder. The shadow gallops through the sage, weaving around Juniper trees and jumps sagebrush.


Joseph runs into the night.


The shadow fades into a solid figure. A Black Horse appears on the horizon. He glances at Joseph and gallops away. Joseph takes off after him. His short legs make little headway through the sagebrush and sand.

He stops to catch his breath.

The wind blows a cloud of sand around Joseph. He squints as the sand etch his eyes with pain. The wind gets stronger,stirring loose sagebrush into a tornado. Joseph fights to keep his balance.

The galloping stops. The wind dies. Joseph rubs his eyes.

The Black Horse appears in front of Joseph. He rears and hovers over him. The boy hypnotized by the sight of the horse, is unable to move.

They stand. Eye to eye. The Black Horse lowers his head.

A crescent shaped moon is etched in his coat. Joseph reaches for the horse. But the horse backs away and disappears into the night.



Joseph snaps awake and gasps for air. He scans around the room. All is quiet except for the sound of his father's snoring.

Joseph searches for his notebook in his sleeping bag. He retrieves it and writes.

© Sabrina Zackery

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Tuesday for Tuesday, 6.3

Greetings, SelfScribes readers and Tuesday fans!
My apologies for posting this latest portion so late in the day...
Hopefully Tuesday will be just as enjoyable on Wednesday of this week :)

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday's Torrent: Chapter 6, Part 3
by Lindsey Michelle

      The next morning, Tuesday was still in her pajamas when there was a knock on her hotel room. She padded across the floor to the door.
     “Room service,” she heard the man call. She knew there must’ve been a mistake, because she’d forgotten to fill out the breakfast card the night before.
     She opened the door, and the man began to push the room service table into her room.
     “I’m afraid this belongs to someone else,” she said, as the hotel phone next to her bed rang. “Excuse me.”
     She picked up the phone and said hello.
     “This is the front desk,” the voice said. “You have a visitor – a Peter. Is he allowed up?”
     She heard mumbling in the background, then a sigh, and the question was rephrased. “He’d like to join you for breakfast.”
     Tuesday felt herself grinning. “Sure, send him up. Thank you.”
     She dug in her purse for money to tip the room service man. “It’s for me after all.”

     “You’re pretty sneaky,” Tuesday said, digging into her omelet, “If I weren’t so hungry, I may have let you wait down there.”
     “I thought you needed some strength for your busy schedule,” Peter said.
     She smiled. “Some company, too?”
     He grinned. “I didn’t want to eat breakfast alone.”
     “I understand why. I remember your apartment.”
     She remembered Kenneth taking her to Peter’s drab apartment. As she mused on how long ago that seemed, she noticed that Peter had grown quiet.
     He fiddled with his fork. “It’s weird to think you’ve been there. It’s not where I’m going to live forever. I may never buy something as grand as Kenneth has, but I’ll buy something. Right now, it’s just, I’m always traveling...”
     Tuesday felt a bit guilty, as though she’d made fun of him, which was the last thing she intended.
     “You don’t need to explain, Peter,” she assured him.
     He nodded. “I better get going, anyway. What are your plans later today?”
     Tuesday hesitated, remembering the demanding call her agent had left her that morning. She was not eager to confront him, but she was worried that any more avoidance may do more harm than good.
     “I may have to meet my agent,” she said. “Then there’s some store opening this evening.”
     “Do you need a date?”
     Tuesday hesitated. As much fun as she had with Peter, she didn’t want to think of the implications of them being photographed together. She was trying to word this nicely when he grinned.
     “I was just kidding,” he said. “It’s your thing. You can call me after, though, if you want to talk.”
     She smiled. “Okay. Thanks.”

     Before she left the hotel for her agent’s office, Tuesday stopped in the gift shop to buy a pack of mints. She surveyed the selection of magazines, smiling when she saw Nancy on the cover of one of the British fashion magazines. Then Tuesday recognized the title of the tabloid for which she’d been interviewed. It was already after Thursday, she realized.
     Glancing around to make sure the gift shop was mildly empty, Tuesday grabbed the magazine to pay for as well.
     She stopped at the front desk to pick up a message. The women handed her a fax.
     It was from Kenneth.
     “Sounds like you and Peter are having a great time,” it read. “Looks like the fun little brother is winning out again.”
     Tuesday’s heart sank. Was she imagining things, or did Kenneth’s tone sound hurt? What did Peter say to him, if anything?
     She glanced at her watch. She’d have to figure it out later. Though she had a rental car, she figured it’d be easier to take a town car to her agent’s office. When she was safely in the backseat of the car, despite the driver’s presence, she opened the magazine.
     Oh no, she realized, it wasn’t just a question-and-answer interview, it was from the writer’s perspective. He mentioned that she was on time, which was good, but also noted that she was a “picky eater.” Tuesday wanted to argue. Her quotes didn’t sound too bad, a little bland, but perhaps she’d be perceived as guarded.
     But then, halfway through the article, she read: “As Tuesday ponders my question, I see her expressive eyes dart to a nearby table. An attractive, casual man sits there. Anyone with an ounce of perception realizes these two know each other. Tuesday’s eyes are full of questions; the mystery man’s eyes are full of lust. She seems flattered and somewhat excited until she remembers I, as well as fifty other people, are in the room.”
     Tuesday gasped aloud. The driver looked at her in the rear view mirror, inquiring if everything was alright. She nodded, slumping in her seat.
     She’d only looked at Peter for a second. Why’d he have to show up at the restaurant, anyway? Why was he always showing up where she was?

     How many people read this tabloid? Tuesday wondered. Was it popular in London? Of course, everything was reprinted on the Internet. Kenneth was on the Internet all the time for work.
     The door to her agent’s office opened, and he stepped out.
     “Tuesday, what are you doing, sitting out here?” he asked her. “We’re waiting inside.”
     “We?” she repeated, rising. She followed him into his office.
     There were two chairs in front of her agent’s desk, and one of them was occupied.
     Tuesday stared directly at Zack Meadows as he rose to greet her.
     “Hi, Tuesday,” he said, smiling.
     “Hi… Zack?”
     Her agent shut the door.

To Be Continued...

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The Anna Kippling Series - Novel Excerpt

Though SelfScribes has been up and running since March 2011, the enthusiasm I feel when I receive a new submission from a writer is still as prevalent as when the very first post was published. Today's excerpt comes courtesy of writer A.D. Duling. Her novel, the first of a four-part series, is The Anna Kippling Series Book One - The Key. (Click on the book cover to be transferred to A.D. Duling's website, but be sure to read the excerpt, synopsis and author bio here first!)

Excerpt from The Anna Kippling Series Book One - The Key

              She took her key out of her jeans pocket and inserted it into the lock. She turned until she heard the click again and pulled it out. She quickly stuck it back into her pocket and grabbed the door knob; with a trembling hand she turned it and opened the door. Once again she found the forest waiting on the other side.

Cautiously she stepped to the edge of the door way and reached her arm out; it went through! She then reached over and touched the branch hanging in front of her; it was solid!

 “Ok, so this is real…."

She scanned the forest as far as she could see and found nothing threatening; it actually appeared to look very pleasant! However, for safe measure, she returned to the trunk and grabbed the dagger. She stuffed it into the waist of her pants and returned to the doorway. If this was Tatania as she thought, she had some questions that needed answers!


  Anna Kippling is a teenage girl, who by chance or possibly fate; discovers a key that opens a door to a world far different than hers! It has long been predicted of her coming and of what she will accomplish! A young man named Hayden, helps her escape from an evil Chancellor; He also evokes feelings in her, that she's never felt before! On their journey to his home, she unimaginably comes across her “Book of Answers”. When she asks it a question; she receives an answer. However, not always the answer she wants!
   She must once again face the Chancellor in order to save the Empress, But she has many allies! Some of which are supernatural! Magic is always at hand! Jewelry that can make her disappear and rewind time... to glowing trees with magical beads;that replenishes one’s health in minutes!
   No one really knows their true potential, until it is tested... No one really knows love until they've lost it!    
   And no one really knows death until they have to face it... 
Author Bio

Normally the author bios on SelfScribes are written in third person, but for a change, here's A.D. Duling in her own words...
"I am a full time mother, part-time author, artist and actually eBay entrepreneur! (whew!) I came up with the idea of Anna Kippling Series four years ago while sitting on my couch, fully pregnant with my fifth child. (Oh! Yes I have six children.....really I am not kidding....I really do!) The vision of a girl, a key and a magical world teased at my creative mind... so I waddled over to my computer and typed away! Four years later (another baby) and I had my final addition to my wonderful little "team" and two books completed out of a four book series dream! 
"I am now attempting to bring my wonderful story that has been a joy to write, to the public! I love this story and know readers will too! My realistic dream is to one day (after a lot of hard work) to see my book on bookshelves besides my own.....a Bestseller......always a possibility and I would love that!t

"I am in my early thirties (ok 33) and a total kid a heart! Maybe that is why my story seems to target the younger generation (haha! Listen to me!), yet there are a lot of YA adults like myself in this world that would love this book too!
"Like I said above, I have six children. Three boys and three girls. Yes! I got lucky! I am humbly gracious to have each one! Two were preemies and I almost lost my life having one of them....the other is a champion; he was born 16 week premature! He is three now and a spitfire! It is a true blessing to be a mother and even on the bad days, I am still grateful....

"I have been married to my wonderful husband for fourteen years in October. (I married young!) He deserves an award for best in "Putting up with a crazy lady!" I have experimented in so many categories that when "Author" became one of them, he lovingly shrugged his shoulders and gave his hand in support!

"Now don't ponder on the idea that I take this venture lightly....I don't. I was a book worm in my kid/teen years and love to read! Now I am writing and loving it! My imagination never rests and the world of Tatania and Anna Kippling has been a joy to create; that now I so want to share this adventure with others!
"I appreciate every visitor's time and support towards making my dream a reality! A simple "Like" or reading this bio, does a lot! I am selling my book in ebook and paper back at very, very reasonable prices. I appreciate purchases and comments/reviews are desperately wanted :0)

"Thank you for taking the time to know me and keep reading! I have tried things in my life that many people would not dare....I encourage everyone to try something new, take a chance and never give up!
"If you, yourself have contemplated on writing a book (no matter how young or older you are) do it!
"I have always believed it is better to try and fail than to always wonder "What if?""
The Anna Kippling Series Book One - The Key © A.D. Duling

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Tuesday for Tuesday, 6.2

Tenacious Tuesday
 Tuesday's Torrent: Chapter 6, Part 2
by Lindsey Michelle

     As Tuesday dressed in her hotel room – caring much more about what she wore to dinner with Peter than she cared to admit – she checked the messages on her cell. She’d kept it off all afternoon, first because of the interview, then in case Kenneth called.
     She needn’t worry. There wasn’t a call from Kenneth. There was, however, a message from her agent.
     “Tuesday, how’d the interview go? Call me when you get this. I have a message here from…” His voice trailed off momentarily. “What name did he… Oh, okay, he says you know him. Zack Meadows? He wants to talk to you.”
     Tuesday almost dropped the phone. She’d been so preoccupied with not mentioning Zack that she’d forgotten he could have every intention of mentioning her!
     She put her hand to her face. And he had pictures on his phone to prove it. Stupid, she thought to herself, what was I thinking?
     Tuesday shoved her phone into her purse and turned back to her clothes. Think about it later, she told herself. For now, she was focused on dinner with Peter.
     Peter certainly took her mind off of everything. He was in good spirits throughout dinner, and though Tuesday was widely familiar with Los Angeles – she’d live there for several years before London, after all – he seemed to play the “host” role to her.
     Near the end of dinner, she slipped, revealing the name of the hotel where she was staying.
     “I can’t seem to say anything right today,” she said, laughing, and invited him to sit by the pool with her.
     They dipped their feet into the swimming pool, lit by a combination of outdoor lights and the moon. Tuesday kicked her feet gently, and turned to Peter.
     “So you never quite said what you’re doing here,” she said.
     “No?” he said, grinning.
     She shook her head. He leaned back, looking at the sky, not her.
     “I’m getting into the movie business, baby,” he teased.
     She shook her head in disbelief. “What about your photography?”
     “I’m not giving it up,” he assured her. “In fact, I’m photographing a hot young star tomorrow at three.”
     “Really?” Tuesday laughed. “I have a photo shoot tomorrow at three, too!”
     Tuesday fell silent. The moment the words left her mouth, she regretted them.
     “Well, I’m batting a thousand today,” she said.
    He grinned at her. “I thought telling you at dinner might make things awkward.”
     “Keeping secrets is so much more agreeable,” she said sarcastically.
     “Well what’s wrong with your agent, doesn’t he give you any info?”
     She looked down. “I haven’t been in the best of touch.”
     “Why’s that?”
     Tuesday met his gaze. She opened her mouth, words about Zack were at the tip of her tongue, but she resisted.
     “I should rest up for that photo shoot,” she said instead. “It’s getting late.”
     He offered to walk her to her hotel room, but she shook her head. The last time he walked her to her room had been their first – though only – kiss.
     “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Tuesday said, kissing him lightly on the cheek before she turned to walk away.

     Posing in front of Peter proved to be unnerving. Tuesday felt extremely self-conscious, and despite the abundance of crew, it was as though there was a spotlight on Peter.
     As she changed into one of the other outfits, Tuesday scolded herself. He was a photographer, professional like any other. Go with it.
     She didn’t need to be labeled “difficult.” That morning, she received another message from her agent regarding Zack – she knew she could only pull this avoidance bit for so long. But why was he continuing to use a pseudonym? Did her agent know that Zack Meadows was a false name?
     As she sat down for hair and make-up touch-ups, Peter sauntered over.
     “I thought for the next part, we’ll have you sit down for a few shots,” he said.
     She nodded, not speaking as the makeup artist coated her lips with a teeny brush full of gloss.
     “You’re doing well,” he added.
     She looked up at him, her eyes grateful, and he returned to his camera.
     The photo shoot went smoothly after that.

To Be Continued...

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Adaptation Interview: J.M. Boch

Novel available at AuthorHouse
After writing and self-publishing her novel Housewife Blues... Passion, Happiness At Last!, which was featured ALA International Book Fair in 2011, J.M. Boch decided to loosely adapt her novel into a screenplay titled Dead Weight. In the interview below, I spoke to J.M. about her adaptation process. Continue reading after the interview for excerpts from the novel and screenplay, as well as J.M.'s bio.

Interview With J.M. Boch

Q: What was the most challenging part of adapting the novel into a screenplay?   

JMB: For me it was cutting down on the dialogue.  I'm a story writer thus used to describing everything in great detail so the readers can picture what is going on.  A screenplay is completely opposite. 

Q: Describe your adaptation process.  

JMB: I never attempted writing a screenplay up to that point but felt my book would make a very entertaining piece.  I knew I could not guess at the process so looked in the trade paper to find a writer who could teach me how to adapt my book into a screenplay.  We met, conversed and agreed upon dates and times to work together on it.  It took 2 hours almost every Sunday for 5 months to complete.

Q; Were there significant story changes you had to make from novel to script?  

JMB: Yes, added 1 major character and changed the flow of the story to make it more enticing for film.

Q: How personal is Lisa's story to you?    

JMB: Writers are instructed to write what they know.  Remembering the writing process for the book 50% is/was from my personal experience.  The remaining 50% is from pieces of my life but embellished for entertainment purposes.

Q: How different would the novel and screenplay be if you had written it before being married and having children?  

JMB: Completely, I'm sure :)

Q; What prompted you to turn the novel into a script?  

JMB: I work part-time as an actor and noticed how there were so many remakes over the last few years, not enough films that a large percentage of the population can actually relate to, etc.  I simply felt that a film like this would be highly entertaining and possibly help others to not make the same mistakes as Lisa to avoid so much struggle in life.  We are only here once.

Q: What are some of your favorite novels and screenplays?  

JMB: The genre is nothing close to what I write but I love the writer Dean Koontz, his Odd Thomas series any many more titles.  Screenplays - wow that is a tough one - there are too many.  Spur of the moment these come to mind - Something's Gotta GiveForrest Gump, The Godfather...there is too many to list, honestly.

Q; If "Dead Weight" was filmed, how do you envision it (look, tone, actors, etc.)?  

JMB: The look is throughout different decades which includes flashbacks and somewhat complicated.  However, we believe it has the film noir essence.  I have a list of actors in mind and in the process of contacting their agents. For the main characters; Lisa-Cameron Diaz or Reese Witherspoon, Dave-Patrick Dempsey.

Excerpt from Housewife Blues... Passion, Happiness At Last! (Novel) 
Pages 6-7
   The same routine every morning when not working (3-4 days per week):

1.      Wake up at 6:50 a.m. to make sure her two high school age daughters are awake and getting ready.  Make her coffee while digging in her purse for singles for the kids lunches…she has to ask him or uses money she makes that’s supposed to be for vacations and advertisement for a side business she’s had ready to roll for six years.  Makes sure the girls are dressed decently and ready to leave on time.  Then says, ‘bye, have a good day, drive safe’ and quietly closes the front door after they head out.  Hopefully not waking the younger two children so she can have her coffee in peace.

2.      If it’s warm enough she takes her coffee and enjoys a smoke with it at her table on the patio…enjoying the quiet and view of the rolling hills (mountains actually but small ones from her point of view) and trying to fully wake up.  If it’s too cool she brings her coffee and smokes in the only room in the house her and her husband smoke in…the ½ bathroom downstairs that has a fan/vent in it.

3.      7:40 a.m. Is she awake? No, not really, going through pre-menopause has caused her to be extra tired for two weeks out of every month and she feels she could sleep all day.  However, it’s now time to wake up the two elementary age kids, another girl and at last the son they both wanted so badly.  Luckily three out of four of her children have the get up and go energy when necessary like their mom and there’s not much of a fuss.

 Excerpt from Dead Weight (Screenplay)
same scene as novel excerpt


Lisa engaged in her morning routine while not at work.


We see the microwave CLOCK through the window. ­It shows 5:50 a.m. Lisa sitting at patio table having a cup of coffee and a cigarette.


We see Lisa's bedroom alarm CLOCK as she passes her room.  It shows 6:00 a.m. Lisa walks to Hannah's room then Traci's.  Peeks in to make sure they're awake.


The microwave CLOCK shows 6:45 a.m.  Lisa is digging in her purse for lunch money to give to the girls.


Traci's alarm CLOCK shows 7:00 a.m. Lisa is back to wake Maria.  She gently shakes her shoulder and quietly speaks.


Time to get up for school, sweetie.

Lisa takes a few steps to JOEY'S ROOM and awakens him in the same manner.


Joey, time to get up for school.


The microwave CLOCK shows 7:15 a.m. Lisa gets glasses of juice for Maria and Joey.


What kind of cereal do you guys want?


We see the CLOCK in the dining room and it shows 7:30 a.m. Lisa kisses Hannah and Traci on the cheek as they leave for school. 


Bye girls.  Have a good day.


We see the CLOCK on the stereo display in the minivan, that reads 8:25 a.m. Lisa, Maria and Joey enter the car and exit the driveway.


We see Traci's alarm CLOCK that now reads 8:40 a.m. Lisa puts dry cat food in Traci's cats' dish.


We see Lisa's alarm CLOCK, which reads 8:45 a.m., through the doorway.  Duchess chases Lisa down the stairs and follows her out the patio door.


We see Lisa flip open her cell phone.  Close-up on the time which is 8:50 a.m. she sighs, closes her phone. 

Lisa sets the filled dog dish down then goes to the outside sink and re-fills the water dish.  She sets it down near Duchess who's gulping down her food. 

Lisa sinks into a patio chair and plops her legs on an opposite chair at the patio table.  She reads the paper while having a cigarette and sipping at her coffee.



Lisa spends an hour or two cleaning the house; sweeping, morning kitchen mess, etc. She has music blaring from the stereo on a classic rock station.


The CLOCK on the wall above the TV. reads 9:45 a.m. Lisa is dusting and the radio blares Nirvana's 'All Apologies'.  On the chorus Lisa joins in the singing and belts out 'I'm married, buried, yeah, yeah, yeah'


Lisa washes her hands after all the cleaning.  Her finger itches beneath her wedding ring.  She tugs at it, finally gets it off and smiles. 


Lisa enters her bedroom with a little bounce in her step.  She puts the wedding ring in her jewelry box on her dresser.  Looks at her stationary bike and rolls her eyes.  Flops down on the bed and takes a snooze instead.


Energized from her nap, she sits down at her laptop to edit her book.

Writer Bio: 

J.M. has been writing for over 14 years and has two self-published books. Housewife Blues… was recently featured in the Author Solutions booth at the ALA International Book Fair in San Diego – Jan. 2011.  Boch recently sent her 3rd book, a romance novel and 4th book, a children’s book, off to publishers.   Currently, she is simultaneously writing the script for a television show based on her 1st book, MOLLY’S ADVENTURES, and two new screenplays. The television script is a cross between ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘That 70’s Show’. Other writing includes screenplay DEAD WEIGHT, shorts – THE GOOD MOM and WEIRD LUCY and a treatment – TRUST ME. Boch has worked part-time for 13 years as a SAG & AFTRA background actor.

Excerpts from Housewife Blues... and Dead Weight © J.M. Boch

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 6.1

 Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday's Torrent: Chapter 6, Part 1
by Lindsey Michelle

     Tuesday only stayed in London a day before heading to Los Angeles. It was just long enough to pack her most important things and prepare for yet another flight.
     The plane ride back from the island had been quiet. Andrew barely spoke to her, and while outwardly Nancy seemed her usual self, Tuesday suspected she was still disappointed in Tuesday for rushing through their meeting with Jake. After several card games, Tuesday feigned sleepiness and closed her eyes. She didn’t expect to sleep a wink after the disastrous end to her fling with Zack. Though she’d revealed to Nancy that Zack had left without a goodbye she had been too humiliated to admit that he wasn’t, in fact, Zack Meadows. She didn’t know who he was.
     Surprisingly, Tuesday drifted off and awoke with little time until landing. She breathed a sigh of relief. All she wanted to do was get back into the rhythm of London life and, just maybe, work things out with Kenneth.
     She took a sharp intake of breath. Thinking of his name surprised her. She’d been so wrapped up in Zack that she really had forgotten about Kenneth. She glanced at Nancy as they walked through the terminal.
     Nancy seemed to know what she was thinking. “Credit Zack,” she said. “It worked.”
     Tuesday nodded reluctantly.
      “Are you going to see him?” Nancy asked tentatively.
      “Not right now,” Tuesday replied. “There’s plenty of time.”
     That didn’t turn out to be the case. Their film opened better than expected, with critics and viewers agreeing that Tuesday had a standout role. She had to head to Los Angeles to do some extra promotion before the film was released in additional theaters. Andrew and Nancy, meanwhile, would head to New York in a few days, and Tuesday would join them at the end of the week.
     There was a message from Kenneth on her answering machine – short, to the point, asking her to let him know when she returned. Tuesday sat on the edge of her bed, telephone in hand. She didn’t know what to say to him:
     “I’m back”?
     “I had a random fling, but I got that out of my system… I think”?
     She fiddled with the telephone pad, wasting time. Finally she dialed his home phone number. It was a wimpy move, she knew. Kenneth would answer his cell phone, but she doubted he’d be home.
      Claire, Kenneth’s assistant, picked up after the third ring. She often worked out of Kenneth’s house when Kenneth was away on trips. Tuesday exhaled slowly.
     “Hi Claire, it’s Tuesday,” she said, a bit sheepishly. “I was looking for Kenneth.”
     “Tuesday, hi!” Claire replied, her tone bright and chipper. “Well, he should be back from Ireland tomorrow. He has his phone with him, as always. He’ll be thrilled to hear from you.”
     Tuesday thanked Claire, leaving her with the false impression that she’d call his cell phone.
     “Will you be over for dinner tomorrow?” Claire asked.
     “I’m heading to L.A. for the week,” Tuesday replied.
     Claire sounded disappointed. “That’s too bad. Next time, then.”
     After Tuesday hung up the telephone, she lay back on her bed. It was better this way. She would hate for Kenneth to find out about her and Zack. She was embarrassed that the entire situation made her seem painfully naïve. She and Kenneth had been on shaky ground when she’d left; then again, if he’d been with someone else in the meantime, she would feel betrayed. Tuesday sighed. She decided not to answer her own cell during the next few days. By the time she spoke to him again, perhaps he wouldn’t even ask about her trip.

     “And have you always been interested in comedy?” Tuesday’s interviewer, an excited young man who worked for a magazine she’d never heard of, asked.
     She hesitated. Tuesday had, in fact, pursued drama. Many of the comedic sidekick traits of her current character had evolved, almost accidentally, throughout the filming process. Should she share that? Did it diminish her acting? Why was this so difficult?
     They sat at a table in one of L.A.’s newest restaurants. Ever since sitting down, Tuesday had noticed many of the other patrons glancing her direction. She knew what it was like to be stared at – she’d gotten plenty of looks after her popular “His Girl Tuesday” magazine spread – but this was different. There was an undercurrent of excitement in their eyes. They were acting as though they’d seen a… movie star.
     If they hadn’t seen her in the movie theater during the past week, then they’d seen her face on a massive billboard on the Sunset Strip. Tuesday couldn’t believe it herself.
     “It’s fun to do comedy, to try to emulate comedic women I admire…” Tuesday finally said. “You get all the great lines you want to say in real life – to be that sharp and articulate…”
     “Is there a specific situation in which you wish you could have been more articulate?”
     Every day, Tuesday thought. Her mind raced. Soon he’d move into the do-you-have-a-boyfriend questions, she was sure of it. Deny, deny. Okay, don’t give him any leads on this one.
      “This interview!” she quipped.
      He managed to smile, albeit disappointed by neutral and somewhat bland answers.
     As the interview progressed, the restaurant stayed busy, with new diners being seated every time a table opened. Tuesday was praising her co-stars when she casually glanced at a nearby table. She tried to wipe the shocked expression from her face.
     There, perusing the menu was Peter. He must’ve sensed her gaze, as he noticed her at the same time. For a moment, Tuesday thought he was going to rise to come speak with her, but she must’ve stopped him by quickly turning back to her interviewer.
     Peter! Her mind raced. She couldn’t avoid him completely, unless the interviewer walked her to her car. That was unlikely. Perhaps she’d leave first, though, and she could walk right past him. Could she? But now he knew she was in Los Angeles. Tuesday didn’t know whether there was any reason to avoid him. She wondered when he’d last talked to Kenneth.
     She managed to compose answers to the remaining questions. She was a bit worried to read the final article – she hadn’t been very focused throughout their lunch together. Oh well, she figured. It’d probably be months before it was published.
     “Thank you so much for your time, especially with the short notice,” the interviewer said. “It’ll be in this week’s issue.”
     “This week?” Tuesday exclaimed.
     “We’re a weekly tabloid,” he said slowly, peering at her. “On newsstands every Thursday.”
     “You’re one of the cover stories!”
     She tried to smile. “Great.”

     He did walk her out of the restaurant, though not to her rental car, where she’d managed to find street parking. Tuesday knew if she made a run for it, she could avoid Peter.
     However, she couldn’t help turning around and peering through the restaurant’s window. She frowned. His table was empty.
     “Hey.” She jumped as she heard a voice behind her.
      “You scared me,” she said, turning to face Peter.
     He chuckled. “Forget something inside?”
     Tuesday ignored the question. “Just getting ready to leave.”
     “Who was the guy? New boyfriend?”
     She glared at him.
     “Kidding! How was the interview?”
     She wrinkled her nose. “Not good. I think I sounded like an airhead. I was kind of distracted…”
     “Yeah? Too much fun in the sun?”
     She stared at him. What did he know – did he know about her vacation? No, he couldn’t have, she reasoned. Still, the idea that Peter knew the truth didn’t bother her as much as if Kenneth did. She imagined he’d be less judgmental.
     “I did go on vacation.”
     “Anything exciting happen?” Peter asked.
     “Nothing to report…” She couldn’t help being a bit coy.
     “Where are you staying?”
     She hesitated. “A hotel.”
     Peter smirked. “Which?”
     “Have you talked to Kenneth?” Tuesday asked flat out.
     “He’s been busy.” Peter paused. “Me and you, we’re both in L.A. What are the odds? Let’s meet for dinner.”
     She tilted her head and looked into his eyes. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea. Perhaps it couldn’t hurt.
     “Okay,” she agreed. “Dinner it is.”

To Be Continued...