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The Anna Kippling Series - Novel Excerpt
Though SelfScribes has been up and running since March 2011, the enthusiasm I feel when I receive a new submission from a writer is still as prevalent as when the very first post was published. Today's excerpt comes courtesy of writer A.D. Duling. Her novel, the first of a four-part series, is The Anna Kippling Series Book One - The Key. (Click on the book cover to be transferred to A.D. Duling's website, but be sure to read the excerpt, synopsis and author bio here first!)

Excerpt from The Anna Kippling Series Book One - The Key

              She took her key out of her jeans pocket and inserted it into the lock. She turned until she heard the click again and pulled it out. She quickly stuck it back into her pocket and grabbed the door knob; with a trembling hand she turned it and opened the door. Once again she found the forest waiting on the other side.

Cautiously she stepped to the edge of the door way and reached her arm out; it went through! She then reached over and touched the branch hanging in front of her; it was solid!

 “Ok, so this is real…."

She scanned the forest as far as she could see and found nothing threatening; it actually appeared to look very pleasant! However, for safe measure, she returned to the trunk and grabbed the dagger. She stuffed it into the waist of her pants and returned to the doorway. If this was Tatania as she thought, she had some questions that needed answers!


  Anna Kippling is a teenage girl, who by chance or possibly fate; discovers a key that opens a door to a world far different than hers! It has long been predicted of her coming and of what she will accomplish! A young man named Hayden, helps her escape from an evil Chancellor; He also evokes feelings in her, that she's never felt before! On their journey to his home, she unimaginably comes across her “Book of Answers”. When she asks it a question; she receives an answer. However, not always the answer she wants!
   She must once again face the Chancellor in order to save the Empress, But she has many allies! Some of which are supernatural! Magic is always at hand! Jewelry that can make her disappear and rewind time... to glowing trees with magical beads;that replenishes one’s health in minutes!
   No one really knows their true potential, until it is tested... No one really knows love until they've lost it!    
   And no one really knows death until they have to face it... 
Author Bio

Normally the author bios on SelfScribes are written in third person, but for a change, here's A.D. Duling in her own words...
"I am a full time mother, part-time author, artist and actually eBay entrepreneur! (whew!) I came up with the idea of Anna Kippling Series four years ago while sitting on my couch, fully pregnant with my fifth child. (Oh! Yes I have six children.....really I am not kidding....I really do!) The vision of a girl, a key and a magical world teased at my creative mind... so I waddled over to my computer and typed away! Four years later (another baby) and I had my final addition to my wonderful little "team" and two books completed out of a four book series dream! 
"I am now attempting to bring my wonderful story that has been a joy to write, to the public! I love this story and know readers will too! My realistic dream is to one day (after a lot of hard work) to see my book on bookshelves besides my own.....a Bestseller......always a possibility and I would love that!t

"I am in my early thirties (ok 33) and a total kid a heart! Maybe that is why my story seems to target the younger generation (haha! Listen to me!), yet there are a lot of YA adults like myself in this world that would love this book too!
"Like I said above, I have six children. Three boys and three girls. Yes! I got lucky! I am humbly gracious to have each one! Two were preemies and I almost lost my life having one of them....the other is a champion; he was born 16 week premature! He is three now and a spitfire! It is a true blessing to be a mother and even on the bad days, I am still grateful....

"I have been married to my wonderful husband for fourteen years in October. (I married young!) He deserves an award for best in "Putting up with a crazy lady!" I have experimented in so many categories that when "Author" became one of them, he lovingly shrugged his shoulders and gave his hand in support!

"Now don't ponder on the idea that I take this venture lightly....I don't. I was a book worm in my kid/teen years and love to read! Now I am writing and loving it! My imagination never rests and the world of Tatania and Anna Kippling has been a joy to create; that now I so want to share this adventure with others!
"I appreciate every visitor's time and support towards making my dream a reality! A simple "Like" or reading this bio, does a lot! I am selling my book in ebook and paper back at very, very reasonable prices. I appreciate purchases and comments/reviews are desperately wanted :0)

"Thank you for taking the time to know me and keep reading! I have tried things in my life that many people would not dare....I encourage everyone to try something new, take a chance and never give up!
"If you, yourself have contemplated on writing a book (no matter how young or older you are) do it!
"I have always believed it is better to try and fail than to always wonder "What if?""
The Anna Kippling Series Book One - The Key © A.D. Duling

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