Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 1.2

If you missed the first part of "Tenacious Tuesday" last Tuesday,
click here to see how the story begins. 

Tenacious Tuesday
Chapter 1, Part 2
by Lindsey Michelle

     Conversation with Kenneth seemed effortless. They talked about their respective backgrounds – Tuesday was an east coast transplant, while Kenneth had grown up in Los Angeles – and their current lives.
     Portions of their current lives, anyway. Tuesday discussed her motivation and desire to act, but she stopped before mentioning the modeling she’d already done, the steps she’d already taken. What was wrong with her? She wasn’t ashamed of the pictures. She never thought she’d be so bothered by anyone’s preconceived notions.
     “I think you’ll be an incredibly nuanced actress,” Kenneth said. “You seem very smart.”’
     Tuesday smiled. He had his own vision of her, not what the magazines told him to think. She pushed her plate slightly to the side and leaned closer to her over the table.
     “Tell me more about your paintings,” Tuesday said.
     She listened as he described his passion for art. Tuesday was focused on his words until she noticed, out of the corner of her eye, a pack of teenagers rise from the corner booth and head towards her. She turned her face slightly, an useless attempt to hide behind her hair.
     One of the boys in the group slowed as they walked past Tuesday and Kenneth’s table.
     “Hey it’s Tuesday!” he exclaimed, before the girl next to him rolled her eyes, glanced apologetically at Tuesday and pulled him away.
     Kenneth looked at Tuesday. His eyes twinkled. “He certainly needs a calendar. It’s Saturday!”
     Tuesday smiled and put her hand on his. “What should we do now?”
     They agreed to go for a drive, though the fact that they each had a separate car made things difficult. They were discussing what to do when Tuesday’s cell phone rang.
     To her surprise, it was her manager. “I have the news you’ve been waiting for!”
     Tuesday was intrigued, though genuinely confused. “News? What? What!?”
     “The role of Fiona – you got it!” he practically shouted.
     Tuesday put her hand to her head in disbelief. “But that can’t be... no, Henry, you’re wrong. Liz Jones got the part, that was months ago.”
     “Liz dropped out to shoot some pilot in Hawaii. They had to choose a new girl, fast – didn’t your agent tell you?”
     Tuesday shook her head from side to side, unable to speak.
     “Well, pack your bags, dear. You leave for London next week!”

     Tuesday slammed her phone closed. “I just got the secondary-lead female role in Gil Mendel’s new film!”
     Kenneth’s face lit up. “Wow! Congratulations!.. I don’t know what to say.”
     Tuesday paused. “Wow... I’m speechless.”
     “This deserves champagne,” Kenneth said. “I have a bottle that’s waiting to be opened if you’re interested.”
     Tuesday hesitated.
     “We’ll take your car,” Kenneth said.
     She nodded in agreement, though she still wouldn’t be able to see what type of car a painter drove.

     Tuesday glanced out the car window as they sat at a stop light. In less than a week she’d be in a new city, full of unfamiliar faces and sights. Her heart beat with excitement.
     “Have you ever been to London?” Kenneth asked.
     She looked at him and shook her head.
     “You’ll have the best time.”
     Tuesday’s heart skipped a beat. It was the excitement, wasn’t it?
     Then why was it painful to look into his eyes?
     “It’s too bad we didn’t meet sooner,” Tuesday said.
     He squeezed her hand as they pulled up to an unimpressive apartment building. “Tonight’s for celebrating.”

     To Be Continued...

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