Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 1.3

Today is the conclusion of Chapter 1 of  "Tenacious Tuesday". 
Check back next Tuesday for the beginning of Chapter 2!

Tenacious Tuesday
Chapter 1, Part 3
by Lindsey Michelle

     Upon entering, Kenneth disappeared into the kitchen, while Tuesday tossed aside a pillow and reluctantly sat down upon the ratty sofa. There was that day’s newspaper covering a stack of magazines on the coffee table. Tuesday pushed away the newspapers to reveal the magazines – her eyes widened as she saw the top one.
     It was as though the “His Girl Tuesday” headline was magnified.
     Kenneth came back into the living room at that moment. He paused ever so slightly when he saw the magazine.
     Tuesday held it up “You have this?”
     Kenneth put the champagne and glasses down. “I should explain. This is my brother’s apartment...”
     “Mine’s being redone.”
     Tuesday looked into his eyes. “You knew I wasn’t June.”
     “I thought you were playing along,” Kenneth replied.
     “Playing along? What are you talking about?”
     “It wasn’t a fun game,” Tuesday said, grabbing her purse and slamming the door.
     Kenneth followed her outside but she didn’t look back.

     London was everything she hoped it’d be. She had a few days before filming began, so Tuesday decided to spend the day shopping.
     She walked out of the hotel that morning and noticed a suited driver leaning against a big shiny car. She was going to pass by, but the driver seemed to catch her eye and give a slow nod.
     Tuesday then heard a familiar voice as the backdoor window rolled down. “Need a lift, miss?”
     Tuesday broke into a grin when she saw Kenneth’s face. She was giddy at the sight of him.

     “How are you here?” she asked incredulously.
     “Get in!” Kenneth said, taking her hand as the driver opened the door. “There’s something I want to show you.”
     Kenneth instructed the driver to an address. It was a short drive, but Tuesday was impatient with anticipation. What did he wish to show her?
     The car pulled up in front of a large London estate.
     “It’s beautiful,” Tuesday said, admiring the house, though confused as to why he brought her there. “Whoever lives here is very lucky.”
     “Tuesday,” Kenneth said, “I live there.”
     Tuesday looked at him in disbelief. “You?”
     Kenneth put his hand to Tuesday’s cheek, then leaned in and kissed her.
     He smiled. “I never said I was a struggling painter.” 

To Be Continued...

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