Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 3.1

The first part of Chapter 3 from my short story series "Tenacious Tuesday"...

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday's Turmoil: Chapter 3, Part 1
by Lindsey Michelle

      Tuesday immersed herself in work. Her costar Andrew, the male lead who surprised Tuesday with a bouquet of flowers when they first met,  remarked that Tuesday seemed especially driven that week. Tuesday tried to brush aside his comments, but late one night, as they waited for a scene to be set up, Tuesday admitted she was using work as a distraction.
     Andrew smiled. Then, in his thick British accent, he said, “It was after my worst breakup ever that I won my BAFTA.”

      Tuesday laughed. “Well, luckily I’m not talking about a breakup…”

     Andrew raised an eyebrow. He was about to respond, but they were called to  take their places. Tuesday was relieved. She trusted Andrew, but she didn’t know what to say – that despite Kenneth’s nightly phone calls, she found herself thinking about Peter? She didn’t even know what country Peter was in.

      And anyway, she was set for a date with Kenneth on Friday night. And she was excited to go out with him again, she really was.

      “So you’re enjoying London, then?” Kenneth inquired.

     Kenneth and Tuesday had just ordered dinner. They were seated on a restaurant’s patio, lit with strands of lights and candles in small votives.

     “Immensely,” Tuesday confirmed. “It’s going too quickly…”

     “What’s next?”

     “Back to L.A. My agent promised some small jobs, perhaps a commercial if I’m lucky.”

     Kenneth’s cell phone beeped, and he glanced at the screen of his phone. He put the phone back in his pocket.

     “If it’s work…” Tuesday wanted him to feel free to take the phone call.

     Kenneth shook his head and smiled. “It’s just Peter, bothering me.”

     “He’s calling you?” Tuesday’s curiosity rose.

     “He’s been phoning me constantly,” Kenneth revealed. “Needy, isn’t he?”

      “Where is he?”

      “I think he mentioned Asia.” Kenneth paused as the waiter brought their drinks. Tuesday sipped her drink, grateful for the quiet moment. Neither had mentioned Peter’s name since the night after the party, when Kenneth asked if everything went okay. Tuesday had simply replied that the party was exciting, and there was no further discussion. She suddenly felt close to Peter despite their geographical distance.

     Then she looked across the table at Kenneth – the man she’d found herself falling for before she ever knew his brother.

     “I really do hate to leave so soon,” she stated. “I guess I’ll eventually be back for the premiere.”

     “Why don’t you stay here?” Kenneth suggested.

     “Stay?” Tuesday tilted her head.

     “Sure,” Kenneth said. “Your agent can find you jobs here.”

     “But… it wasn’t so long ago that I moved to Los Angeles.”

     “I grew up in L.A., it doesn’t hold a candle to London! Besides, it’ll be there. You’re renting, right? You can rent here.”

     Tuesday fiddled with her “Tuesday Takes London” necklace. On one hand, why not? It was an enticing idea, and she could probably afford it. But she had a slight uncertainty – was Kenneth convincing her to remain in London so that they could continue a relationship, or was he simply raving about the city?

     “I may be happy here,” she said slowly. “Though, didn’t you mention you were finishing a place to live in L.A.?”

     He shrugged. “It’ll be forever before it’s done.”

     She tried not to sigh. He wasn’t making her decision very easy, but then, she scolded herself for needing his guidance or approval. If she wanted to stay in London, she would.

     Tuesday smiled. “I suppose I have a few phone calls to make.”

To Be Continued...

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