Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 2.3

Continuation of my short story series "Tenacious Tuesday"...

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday Takes London: Chapter 2, Part 3
by Lindsey Michelle
     The party, located on the rooftop deck of her very hotel, was filled with faces that Tuesday recognized from movies, music and television. Tuesday felt quite cosmopolitan as Peter led her through the crowd. Tuesday could pick out at least a dozen foreign accents.
     “This is so fun!” Tuesday exclaimed.
     “We’ve barely arrived,” Peter said, grinning.
     Tuesday didn’t care. She was going to have a great time. Of course she was disappointed that Kenneth wasn’t with her, but he knew that the whole point of a party was to meet new people.
     “I’ll get drinks,” Peter said.
     Tuesday stopped staring at the crowd long enough to admire the view. The city lights were beautiful at night.
     “Never gets old, does it?” a familiar voice said.
     Tuesday turned and tried not to do a doubletake. Standing beside her was one of her favorite actors – she’d even saved articles about him as a teenager.
     “I love it here,” Tuesday proclaimed.
     “A fellow American,” he said, surprised. “I didn’t realize.”
     “You always go halfway around the world to run into neighbors,’ Tuesday said, hoping to sound more traveled than she was.
     He laughed.  He seemed to move closer to her. “Where are you staying?”
     Tuesday lowered her eyes slightly. “Why do you want to know?”
     “It’s pretty busy here. Perhaps we could get to know each other in private...”

     “Can you believe him?” Tuesday said later that night as she and Peter rode the elevator. “We had talked for literally two seconds! Please!”
     “Where was I to protect you?” Peter asked.
     “I can protect myself. I told him to forget it.” Tuesday paused, then looked at Peter out of the corner of her eye. “It was pretty thrilling, actually.”
     Peter laughed. “Another story to tell Kenneth.”
     They exited the elevator and walked to Tuesday’s door. “Well, I think I may keep this story to myself.”
     Peter grinned. “That’s no fun.”
     “For me it is!”

     Tuesday thought about that morning. “Peter, why did you play along, listening to my stories for the second time?”
     “I told you, it would’ve been no fun for Kenneth,” he insisted.
     Tuesday stopped in front of her hotel room door. “You’re right. Thank you. I don’t know what I asked...”
     Suddenly Peter pulled Tuesday towards him and kissed her passionately on the lips. But almost as soon as she realized what was occurring, he had pulled away.
     “Peter,” Tuesday said, breathless, “what was that?”
     He seemed shocked by his own actions. “Guess the party spirit got to me – just trying to say goodbye. I’m leaving for a photo shoot in the morning.”
     Tuesday leaned against the doorway. She wanted to ask where he was going. She wanted to ask when he’d be back. But she just stood there, and watched him walk down the hallway.

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