Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 2.2

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday Takes London: Chapter 2, Part 2
by Lindsey Michelle

      “My apologies! I hope you weren’t too bored,” Kenneth said, sitting next to her and kissing her cheek.
     “I wasn’t bored at all, actually.”
     ”Good,” Kenneth responded. “I know it doesn’t make up for my tardiness, but I did happen to get you something.”
     This surprised her. “I don’t need gifts.”
     “It’s nothing major.” He handed her a small wrapped package.
     She opened it tentatively, trying to appear calm, but her curiosity rising as she opened the box.
     Inside was a silver necklace, with an embossed charm of the London Jack. On the smooth back of the charm were the engraved words, “Tuesday Takes London.”
     Tuesday laughed when she read the words. She hugged Kenneth. “I love it.”
     She pulled back to kiss him, but over Kenneth’s shoulder, she saw Peter carrying a bowl of fruit.
     “This is all they’d give me until Kenneth came,” Peter explained. “Now that he’s here, they’ll bring out the real brunch. I’ll make myself scarce.”
     He put the fruit down in the middle of the table and turned to leave.
     Tuesday heard herself speak up “Wait... do you have plans?”
     Peter paused. “No,” he admitted.
     “There’s no reason for you to go,” Tuesday said. She looked at Kenneth.
     Kenneth didn’t seem fazed. “Hey, you’re right. Join us, Peter. Tuesday can tell us about her week.”
     Peter briefly caught Tuesday’s eye. She’d already told him about filming, but he didn’t say anything.
     “So, Tuesday,” he said. “How do you like London so far?”
     Tuesday couldn’t look at Peter. She turned to Kenneth. “Well, thanks to Nancy, I start every day with a cup of coffee.”
     She continued to tell Kenneth about her week, and Peter played the game, pretending that Tuesday’s stories were as new to him as they were to Kenneth.
     She periodically touched the necklace that Kenneth had just given her, and made sure that she directed most of her dialogue to him. Yet out of the corner of her eye she kept seeing Peter smiling as he put jam on his scones.
     “Pardon me,” Kenneth said as his cell phone rang. He stepped just inside the glass doors that separated the patio from the house.
     Tuesday turned to Peter. She whispered to him, “You’re acting so weird.”
     “I’m acting nonchalant,” he protested, offering her another scone.
     Tuesday giggled. “Why didn’t you just admit that I’d already told you about my week?”
     “I didn’t want to spoil you for Kenneth.”
     Kenneth looked at Tuesday and Peter through the glass. Peter said something that made Tuesday laugh.
     “Kenneth, will you be there?” said the voice on the telephone.
    “I had plans tonight...” Kenneth frowned. “Of course I’ll be there.”
     When Kenneth returned to the table, he sighed.
     “I wanted to take you to this party tonight,” he explained. “A bunch of industry and creative types will be there. But I have to work.”
     Tuesday remembered the party that Claire had mentioned.
     “That’s okay,” Tuesday responded, trying not to sound disappointed.
     “It would’ve been such a good opportunity for you career...”
     The three were quiet for a moment until Peter spoke up.
     “Why don’t I take Tuesday?” he offered.
     “You?” Kenneth repeated.
     “Yes, me. I may not be an uber rich painter but it’s not as though I’m going to be turned away at the door.”
     Tuesday felt caught in an awkward situation, as though agreeing with Peter was somehow belittling Kenneth.
     “I suppose it makes sense,” Kenneth admitted. “You’ll take Tuesday, then. Since I can’t.”
     And with that he leaned back in his chair. “I’m full.”

To Be Continued...

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