Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 2.1

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday Takes London: Chapter 2, Part 1
by Lindsey Michelle

     As Tuesday stood staring at Kenneth’s front door, waiting for someone to let her inside, she tried to wrap her head around the past week. She was still processing the fairy-tale-like turn of events. She’d landed her first major role in a romantic comedy and discovered that her new real-life love interest not only lived in London, but owned a vast estate there.                   
      Today would be the first time Tuesday saw inside Kenneth’s home. He had wanted to give her the grand tour the other day, but had been called away on business. He invited her to Sunday brunch instead. Now Tuesday fidgeted with anticipation.
     She couldn’t remain lost in thought for long, as the front door opened.
     A woman introduced herself as Claire, Kenneth’s assistant.
     Claire led Tuesday to an enclosed outdoor patio. The furniture was as clean as though it were indoors, and a table with linen napkins and sparkling silverware was set between a cushioned bench and several chairs.
     “Have a seat,” Claire instructed Tuesday. “I wish I could stay to chat, but Im off. I’ll see you at the party tonight, though!”
     “Party?” Tuesday repeated.
     Claire’s eyes widened and she raised her hand to her mouth. “Oh, you didn’t hear that, did you? Just play ignorant, please – you’re an actress, right?”
     Tuesday laughed. “I can handle it.”
     Less than thirty seconds later, a woman who introduced herself as “Jo, part of the kitchen staff” poured Tuesday a cup of tea.
     Kitchen staff, Tuesday couldn’t help repeating in her head. Kenneth has kitchen staff.
     She took a small sip of tea. Tuesday smiled to herself as she thought of Nancy, one of her costars with whom she’d started a friendship. Though Nancy was English, she’d frequently visited America and “fell in love” with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. When the rest of the cast was sipping their morning tea, Nancy always brought two cups of coffee for her and Tuesday. Tuesday was extremely grateful. She could enjoy tea on a day like this, but coffee was the only beverage that gave her a jolt during the film’s early hours.
     She checked her watch. It was only minutes after the hour.
     At that moment, Tuesday heard the sound of someone’s footsteps approaching. One of the doors opened, and she saw a pair of men’s shoes, then looked up to see a face she didn’t recognize.
     The man looked slightly familiar, however. Tuesday caught his eye and the man grinned.
     “Where’s Kenny? He makes you sit here alone?” the man asked. Tuesday couldn’t tell whether he was teasing her.
     “He’ll be here any minute,” she responded, tilting her head to the side. Friend? Cousin? “I’m Tuesday.”
     “Yeah? I’m Sunday. I never have to work. Ha ha!”
     “You think that’s the first joke I’ve heard about my name?” Tuesday asked.
     “No, but it might be the best.”
     Tuesday raised her eyebrow.
      “Peter,”  he admitted.
     Kenneth had only mentioned Peter once, and not even by name. She had visited his apartment in Los Angeles, wrongly believing it to be Kenneth’s.
     Peter relaxed on an oversized wicker chair. “I’ll keep you company until Ken arrives.”
     “So what brings you to London?” Peter continued. He smiled. “Spending a semester abroad?”
     Tuesday hesitated. She was a little older than that – but again she couldn’t tell whether Peter was teasing her or not.
     She shrugged airily. “I happen to be filming a very important movie.”
      “Tell me.”
      Tuesday giggled. She was feeling more comfortable now, which brought out her talkative nature.”Well, it’s about a couple in London who are having financial problems, so they decide to turn their home into a bed and breakfast. I play an American...”
     “Typecasting!” Peter exclaimed.
     “...who basically moves in and never leaves. Romantic entanglements ensue.”
     Peter grinned. “So the husband’s after you?”
     Tuesday thought about her co-star. He had welcomed her to the set the very first day with a bouquet of flowers. She was thrilled that they got along.
     “”Ah, the faraway look,” Peter remarked. “You’re friendly offscreen as well.”
     Tuesday snapped to attention. Peter had stated his last sentence calmly, not as a question. She didn’t know how to respond, so she turned the conversation to him.
     “What are you doing in London?” Tuesday asked, curious.
     “Mooching off my brother,” Peter responded, stretching and folding his arms behind his head.
     “Oh,” Tuesday responded, unsure of what to say.
     Peter’s eyes widened slightly. “No!” he exclaimed, as if he didn’t want Tuesday to get the wrong idea. “I mean, yes, I’m staying here but I’m in London on assignment.”
     “Assignment? Are you a reporter?”
     Peter chuckled. “A photographer. Not the big time, not yet, but my photographs show up in several reputable magazines.”
     Peter paused. “Not nearly as successful as Kenneth, though. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s my own brother.”
     There was a slight uncomfortable air. Peter glanced at Tuesday and tried to lightened the mood. “You’ve landed quite the guy.”
     Tuesday frowned. It was none of Peter’s business, but she felt the need to clarify herself. “I didn’t know who Kenneth was when I met him.”
     Peter looked at her, surprised. “You didn’t?”
     She shook her head. “No, nothing! I guess I’ve been focusing on my career...”
     Peter smiled. “Good for you.”
     They were both quiet for a moment. Then Peter looked at the empty plates on the table.
     “Well, Kenneth’s very rude, making you wait to eat. Perhaps I can find a snack in the kitchen.”
      “You don’t have to,” Tuesday replied.
     “Trust me, it could be awhile.”
     Peter had barely left before she heard returning footsteps.

To Be Continued...

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