Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 5.2

In the first part of Chapter 5, Tuesday and her film co-stars (and new friends) Nancy and Andrew travel to Andrew's island home for a vacation. Nancy and Andrew make Tuesday promise not to talk about Kenneth or Peter, and Nancy encourages Tuesday to find a vacation fling. At first reluctant, Tuesday then meets intriguing Zack Meadow...

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday Travels: Chapter 5, Part 2
by Lindsey Michelle

     Zack kept his arm lightly strewn around Tuesday’s shoulders during their walk to the house. She felt relaxed and comfortable with him as they chatted about the ocean and the breeze, but upon entering the living room, Tuesday stumbled for words.
     “Beautiful swimming pool,” Zack said, staring through the glass doors.
     “There’s a Jacuzzi, too,” Tuesday said, pausing. “If you want, I’m sure Andrew has an extra suit.”
     Zack nodded. “I’ll wait outside.”
     Tuesday rushed upstairs to change into one of the bathing suits she’d brought,  a solid green bikini. She found a pair of men’s trunks in one of the spare bedrooms. She stopped to brush her hair before returning downstairs.
     She didn’t see Zack through the glass. Tuesday opened the door and walked onto the patio, looking each way. Then she noticed a small pile of clothing on one of the patio chairs. She walked further and saw him sitting in the Jacuzzi with the jets on.
     “I brought you…” she held up the swimsuit feebly, then placed it over the back of a chair.
      “I got impatient,” he said with a smile. “It’s okay if you’re modest. I’m not.”
     Tuesday dipped into the water. She sat across from him, water up to her chest. With the movement from the jets, she wouldn’t have been able to tell he was naked, had she not known.
     She thought of Nancy’s encouragement and smiled.
     “I’m not modest,” she argued. “You didn’t play fair. You didn’t tell me we were skinny dipping.”
     “What would you have done?”
     Tuesday slipped out of her bathing suit top and placed it on the concrete next to the steps.. “You would’ve saved me all that time getting changed.”
     “Yeah?” He moved closer, sitting next to her. Tuesday’s heart began to beat faster, as he added, “We could’ve spent it getting to know each other.”
     “Mmhmm,” she agreed, closing her eyes as Zack began to kiss her neck. He pressed his hands against her back and easily drew her closer to him; soon their upper bodies were touching and she knew it was only a matter of time before she’d have to make a decision – stop him here? Take him inside?
      She didn’t want to make the decision, because she didn’t want this moment to end. There was something magnetic about Zack, she felt drawn to him, giddy with excitement as his hands touched her. She had never felt so eager to please.
     Suddenly, Tuesday heard the sliding glass door open and shut. She opened her eyes, taking her hands off Zack, confused. Who was home? How long had they been out there?
      “Andrew!” she exclaimed when she saw him. She stayed low in the water, eyeing her top laying on the patio. “What are you doing here?”
     “Doing here?” he repeated. “I came home and heard noise.”
     Tuesday frowned. Why was he acting so strange? She felt trapped in the Jacuzzi. She glanced at Zack.
     “Well, I’m going to fix something to eat,” Andrew said. “If you two want anything, come into the kitchen.”
      “Something must’ve gone badly at the bar,” Tuesday guessed. “Sorry about that.”
     “Hey, it’s not your fault,” Zack said, kissing her cheek. “I should go.”
      Tuesday’s heart sank, but she nodded.
     “Why don’t I pick you up in the morning? We can spend the day together.”
     Her spirit was lifted. “Sounds great.”
     She couldn’t help but watch him climb out of the water. She grinned. “See you tomorrow.”

     After Tuesday slipped inside to shower and change, she joined Andrew in the kitchen.
     “Was that guy naked?” Andrew said with a laugh, offering Tuesday some pasta salad.
     She shook her head regarding the food, and didn’t answer his question. Instead, she said, “I thought you and Nancy were staying out late.”
     “Nancy is,” Andrew replied, “but I didn’t really feel like it.”
      “Oh, because I thought she may have mentioned that I might be… here…”
     He smiled. “You thought I came home early to break up your party?”
      She looked down, shaking her head. It sounded so conceited. “No. I guess not.”
     Tuesday turned and went upstairs.

To Be Continued...

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