Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 5.3

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday Travels: Chapter 5, Section 3
by Lindsey Michelle

     Zack picked her up in the morning, just as he said he would. She met him outside, so he could avoid Andrew altogether. She’d had a lengthy middle-of-the-night discussion with Nancy at 3am, who was both shocked and titillated by Tuesday’s Jacuzzi rendezvous and pronounced Andrew as bitter or jealous, one of the two.
     Zack and Tuesday spent the day exploring the island, visiting its portions of natural beauty and consulting a tourist guide book for other fun sights to see. They finally stopped for dinner at an outdoor restaurant. There they talked and laughed, trading stories about previous vacations.
     “My sister and I used to take a trip every year together,” Zack said. “But two years ago, she got married, We tried to go all together, but it wasn’t the same, and now she’s pregnant, so it’s the end of that era, I think.”
      “So you’re going to be an uncle, then!” Tuesday enthused.
     “Yeah, I’ll be the uncle that spoils the kid,” he said with a laugh. He kissed the back of her hand. “I like to spoil people.”
     “No complaints here.”
      They were both quiet, and when the waiter inquired if they wanted coffee or dessert, Zack hesitated.
     “We could get room service,” Tuesday suggested to him.
     He asked the waiter for the check.

     She’d been anticipating sleeping with Zack for the past twenty-four hours, and when they were finally in bed together, Tuesday felt relieved. It was as though he couldn’t slip through her fingers now, he wasn’t going to disappear into the crowd.
     He seemed to know what she wanted without her having to tell him.
      “I think tomorrow,” he said softly, “we should spend all morning in.”
     So that’s what they did. She called Nancy briefly to tell her where she was, but otherwise she didn’t let time bother her. They lounged by the hotel pool that afternoon, but after swimming, Tuesday joked that she couldn’t keep her hands off of him and they retreated back to his room. She peeled off her swimsuit and jumped into his arms.
     “Zack Meadows,” she proclaimed, “what is it about you that gives me such confidence?”
     He grinned. “You mean you aren’t like this all the time?”
     “I wish. I’m always doubting myself, with men, with act…”
     She stopped herself from finishing. “With my career, I mean.”
     She lay back against the pillows, smiling as he pointed his camera phone at her.
     “Well,” he said, “I find your confidence very sexy.”
     He snapped a photo, and then one of them together.
     “I want a photo,” she said.
     “Get your phone.”
     When she opened her cell phone, Tuesday noticed she had a message. She listened to it – Nancy had called a few hours earlier and said that she’d run into a famous director who wanted to take an impromptu meeting with them tomorrow afternoon.
     “I hate to interrupt your bliss, Tues, but it’s such an opportunity… it won’t take long.”
     “Is everything alright?” Zack asked.
     “It’s fine,” Tuesday replied. She paused. “I just… my friend needs me tomorrow.”
     “She gets to see you all the time. Can’t it wait?”
     “It’s sort of important.”
     “Tuesday, I leave tomorrow night.”
     She didn’t want to be reminded. “I know.”
     Tuesday thought for a moment. “She said it won’t take long. I’ll come over as soon as I’m finished, and we’ll spend time together before you leave.”
     He smiled. Tuesday noticed that he looked sad, the same way she felt. “Sounds wonderful.”

     Nancy explained how surprised she was when Jake Arnold, the famous director, approached her on the beach.
     “He loved the film, Tues! He raved to Andrew and me about our performances, and when we told him that you were here with us, he flipped. He’s producing all these new films, so you just never know where this could lead…”
     Tuesday half-listened as Nancy babbled excitedly. They were walking to Jake’s house, with Andrew a few steps ahead of them.
     What Tuesday expected to be a quick drink meeting turned out to be an early sit-down dinner. Jake and his wife were extremely gracious, but Tuesday couldn’t help but feel anxious the entire time. It was almost dark before they moved from the dining room back to the living room.
     “Zack’s leaving tonight,” Tuesday whispered to Nancy.
     “Text him or something,” Nancy said. “Jake’s going to give us all roles.”
     “I don’t know his cell,” Tuesday said. “I don’t… I can’t reach him. What if he thinks I stood him up?”
     “I thought he was just for fun.”
     “He is. But… I don’t want to be rude.”
     “You’re being rude to Jake.”

     When they finally said their “goodbyes”, Tuesday raced to Zack’s hotel. It was completely dark and she was worried that she and Zack wouldn’t have any decent time together. They’d probably have to say their goodbye in the middle of the lobby.
     Tuesday breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t see him the lobby. Perhaps they’d have a private moment after all. She rushed to the concierge desk.
     “I’m visiting room 803,” Tuesday said. “Zack Meadows.”
     The man behind the desk peered at her, then typed on his computer.
     “I’m sorry,” he said. “You must have the wrong room.”
     Tuesday paused. “But I’m positive. Eighth floor… 803. Check again, please,”
     “I’m afraid it’s useless, miss. 803 checked out earlier this evening. But there’s no Zack Meadows staying at this hotel.”
     Tuesday turned without saying anything.
     All she could think about was how she’d given him her real name.

To Be Continued...

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