Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glass Cases and

Today is the start of a good month! Perhaps I can thank the solar eclipse.

First, Sarah LaPolla, an associate literary agent at Curtis Brown, Ltd., posted an excerpt of my novel Dimensions on her blog Glass Cases. Sarah features writers on her blog who are not her clients; it's a forum to showcase work of various writers. It's also an excellent blog for anyone interested in publishing and writing. Sarah posts about her own likes and dislikes in books, as well as trends in the publishing world. (Bonus: She's a Buffy fan!) It's a blog I follow regularly, as any writer should!

Another go-to site for writers is With the tagline "Supporting Independent Authors and Publishers", Shawn Graham posts interviews with writers and links to purchase books. Shawn interviewed me about writing, Dimensions and the process of self-publishing. You can read the interview here.

Happy reading and writing!

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