Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 4.3

Before I post this week's excerpt of Tenacious Tuesday, I apologize to SelfScribes readers for the lack of new material on the site during the past week and a half. Life often offers unexpected adventures, just like in Tuesday's world (although I find hers a bit more glamorous ;) ). I'm happy to report that there are great excerpts and interviews that will be posted staring this week, so be sure to check back!

And for those of you who have submitted writing, please know that I'm reading through all submissions and will respond to each of you shortly.

For now, catch up with Tuesday...

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday's Troubles: Chapter 4, Part 3
by Lindsey Michelle

     “I sold the three large canvases, and perhaps one of the smaller ones, but we won’t know for sure until…”
     Kenneth trailed off as he noticed Tuesday resting her head in her hand, her elbow propped on the dinner table.
     “Am I boring you?” he asked.
     She raised her eyes to look at him, then sheepishly removed her elbow from the tabletop.
     “Sorry,” she said. “I’m just tired.”
     “I thought you’d be eager to tell me about the premiere.”
     Tuesday straightened up. If she was going to say anything, it had to be now. “You’ll never guess what happened. Andrew couldn’t make it, then I received a bouquet of flowers – I thought they were from you! – and the next thing I knew, Peter was there. So he came with me. He sat through the entire film, which is something, really, because I don’t know how good I was…”
      Kenneth remained silent, then reached across the table and took her hand. “I know.”
     She shifted uncomfortably. “Oh?”
     “I saw you two on television.”
     Tuesday’s shoulders fell. “Why didn’t you say something?”
     “I wanted to see if you’d tell me first.”
     Tuesday pulled her hand away. “Like a test?”
     “A test? No,  I…”
     “How long were you going to give me?” Tuesday inquired. “A day, a week?”
     “I don’t know!” Kenneth exclaimed, then lowered his voice. “I hadn’t thought that far in advance. I just don’t like the idea of us keeping secrets.”
     Tuesday’s raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t there anything you’ve kept from me?” 
     Kenneth seemed concerned. “What have I kept from you?”
     Tuesday paused. “Oh, I don’t know… old girlfriends, old wives…”
     As soon as the words left her mouth, Tuesday regretted them. It wasn’t the way she had planned to confront Kenneth.
     Kenneth stiffened. “So I have a past. You have a past. Do we have to drudge up everything?”
     Tuesday was taken aback.
     “But…” she argued.
     “I don’t want to discuss it.”
     Tuesday didn’t say another word, and neither did Kenneth. They ate the rest of their dinner in stony silence.

     “Oh Nanc, I blew it, really,” Tuesday moaned into the telephone.
     “Now I’m sitting here, looking around my apartment…”
     “Your flat, dear.”
     “…which I only have for another month or two, wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. Did I just kill the last few months in one conversation?”
     “So apologize.”
     Tuesday frowned. “But he should be apologizing to me!”
     “So don’t. I have a better idea anyway. Andrew hates to be in town when any movie he’s in opens – he prefers to read reviews from afar – so we’re going to his island retreat.”
     “You are?”
     “No, we are! You, me and Andrew. A week of sun and sand.”
     Tuesday didn’t even hesitate. “Count me in.”

     Before she left, Tuesday dropped a note off at Kenneth’s house. It simply said she was going on a short trip and she’d be in touch upon return. She knew it was a little immature, and perhaps only extending their argument, but it was the best she could do.

To Be Continued...

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