Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 4.1

Here is the first part of Chapter 4 of Tenacious Tuesday...
Feel free to post comments about what you like and dislike about the story so far!

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday's Troubles: Chapter 4, Part 1
by Lindsey Michelle

     Tuesday sat in the darkened theater, staring straight ahead, her mind far away. Around her, audience members laughed, and she was periodically made aware of Peter’s distinctive chuckle. But she couldn't concentrate on the film, couldn’t evaluate her performance
     She kept glancing to the back of the theater. Where had Nancy, her coffee-loving British costar, gone? She longed to talk to her, to spill her thoughts and questions. Had Kenneth really been married before? Tuesday wasn’t even sure. She’d so quickly assumed that it was Peter who would’ve had a failed marriage, but then, it was Kenneth who seemed to crave commitment, stability. She knew little of Kenneth, but she knew that much.
     She knew even less of Peter. Why had he chosen to accompany her? Tuesday stole a quick glance in his direction. He watched the film, oblivious to her eyes upon him. Did he ever think of the one kiss they had shared, months earlier, when he took her to her first London party? Did he think of it as she sometimes did, even when lying in bed with Kenneth?
     She closed her eyes briefly, trying to make sense of her thoughts. She had numerous questions and didn’t know where to begin.
     Before she knew it, the audience was clapping and the lights went up. Tuesday stood in a daze and somehow made her way out of the theater.  

     “Tuesday, you look fantastic, but what were you thinking?”
      The familiar British accent snapped Tuesday to attention and filled her with a sense of relief. She turned in the crowded restaurant and immediately spotted her friend.
     “Nancy!” Tuesday exclaimed, delighted to see her. But her heart beat nervously at Nancy’s greeting. “What’s wrong?”
     “You little innocent, I can’t believe you sat through the entire film.” She shook her head briefly, then grabbed Tuesday’s arm and leaned closer. “So, how did I look?”
     Tuesday managed to laugh. She was beginning to wish she had followed Nancy’s lead. She’d been so eager to see the final cut, but now she doubted her own performance.
     Tuesday had put in so much work to make her character well-rounded, three-dimensional but she felt her role had been edited to a one-note sidekick. She was in plenty of scenes, but she feared some of her acting came across as almost laughable.
     She was only basing her opinion on what she managed to see, of course. Peter hadn’t said a word about her acting.
     “That was fun,” was all he seemed to repeat until she finally sent him to fetch drinks. As he’d walked into the crowd, Tuesday saw many people stop to greet him. She couldn’t help feel a bit surprised. He seemed to know everyone in the room.
     Now, she looked at Nancy, who still waited for a response.
     “Glowing, as usual,” Tuesday said.
     Nancy grinned. “I think that word describes yourself. Where’s Kenneth?”
     “He couldn’t fly over. He’s in France. Work,” Tuesday explained.
     “So who are you here with?”
     Tuesday hesitated as she felt  a hand touch her shoulder lightly. She glanced aside to see Peter, who handed her a drink. As Tuesday thanked him, Nancy’s eyes widened.
      “Peter?” Nancy’s shock was evident. “What a surprise to see you here.”
     He grinned. “Thought it’d be fun.”
     “You two have met?” Tuesday asked.
     “Guess who photographed my first big magazine spread,” Nancy said.
     Peter sniffed. “Yeah – for an environmental magazine.”
     “I hosted a very popular nature program,” Nancy argued defensively, then smiled. “It was years ago.”
     Nancy looked at Peter. “I think I need a drink, too.”
     The three stood awkwardly for a minute.
     “I guess that volunteers me,” Peter said, disappearing back into the crowd.
     “Out with the brother? Not a good idea!” Nancy exclaimed.
     “I’m not going out with him,” Tuesday responded. “It was a complete surprise. How do you even know they’re related?”
     “Everyone in the UK knows they’re brothers,” Nancy said. “It’s like a club.”
     Tuesday leaned in closer. Finally, the perfect opportunity to ask about Kenneth’s marriage. “Look, speaking of, there’s something I need to ask you.”
     “I’m all ears,” Nancy responded.
     “Me too,” Peter chimed in, returning with Nancy’s drink.
     Tuesday’s face fell. So much for the grand opportunity. She glanced helplessly at Nancy.
     “My question is… how does this premiere compare to other ones you’ve been to?”

     Tuesday leaned against her airplane seat. She couldn’t believe a week had passed since the premiere. Peter had returned Tuesday to her hotel room that night, with a brief “See ya” and barely a handshake goodnight. Tuesday was thoroughly confused. Did he like her? Did he just want to go to the premiere, or more likely, since he seemed to have so many connections and acquaintances there, was he planning on going anyway?
     She had been unable to speak to Nancy alone that night, and couldn’t reach her since then. Calls to her cell phone were out of range and messages to Nancy’s agent had so far gone unanswered.
     Tuesday also hadn’t spoken to Kenneth, though she received a brief message from him saying he’d pick her up from the airport. That meant she had the length of the plane ride to figure out what to say to him. She’d tell him right away, in the car, and it’d be old news by the time they arrived at his estate. It was something they could laugh at – that his brother saved Tuesday from having to attend the premiere alone.
     She sighed. Somehow she didn’t think it’d be very funny.

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