Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday for Tuesday, 4.2

Hi, SelfScribes readers! Just a reminder, I'm seeking anecdotes about summer experiences to post throughout the summer. (In case you missed the call for submissions last month, read here). Your stories don't have to be long or elaborate -- a picnic, long summer day at the office or driving someone else to the airport for their getaway all have potential for observations that make interesting reads.

My current summer adventure: friends suggested we meet at the W Hotel for their movies-at-dusk by the pool... which happens to be the teeniest hotel pool I've ever seen. Nonetheless, it's a fun, people-watching spot, often with cheesy films (disclosure: I admit, I went to the Dirty Dancing screening one summer.)

Tenacious Tuesday
Tuesday's Troubles: Chapter 4, Part 2
by Lindsey Michelle

     Kenneth arrived home late in the evening, as the sky grew dark. The house was quiet except for noise from the kitchen, the clinking of pots and pans. He wasn’t sure why there was any cooking being done, but he felt too tired to investigate. Perhaps Claire, his assistant, was doing work out of his home office.
     When he still lived in a flat, before he owned his estate, he used to arrive home from trips to find a stack of mail waiting for him. He missed that. Claire took care of his mail almost every day. He looked at the hall table anyway. There was a postcard for a gallery opening.
     He climbed the staircase to his bedroom. As he walked down the hallway, he noticed the door to one of the guest rooms was ajar, and the comforter on the bed pulled down.
     Kenneth frowned. He stepped into the doorway and pushed it open.
     Peter sat in front of the television, changing the channels. He looked at Kenneth.
     “Hey! Welcome home!” Peter exclaimed.
     “You’re making Jo cook for you?”
     Peter dropped the remote control and stood up. “She – we knew you’d be home soon, too.”
     “She was supposed to have tonight off.”
     Peter fidgeted slightly. “I didn’t know that.”
     “Of course not.”

     Tuesday waited on the sidewalk, as people pushed by with luggage. She looked around fruitlessly for Kenneth’s face, suddenly realizing she had no idea where to find him.
     “Miss Tuesday?”
     Tuesday recognized Kenneth’s driver, Hank, at once. Her face broke into a smile. “I’m relieved you found me!”
     “I’ve had practice at this,” he joked, taking her suitcase. Her heart beat faster as she anticipated seeing Kenneth again.
     Hank opened the car door for her, and she slid inside… to an empty car.
     She heard the trunk slam, and then Hank sat in the driver’s seat. “Tell me if you prefer a different radio station.”
     “It’s fine.” Tuesday sunk into the car seat. She bit her lip. “Kenneth didn’t come?”
     Hank glanced at her in the rearview mirror. “I’m afraid his flight took off later than he anticipated. He instructed me to take you to his home.”
     Tuesday just nodded as Hank fiddled with the radio buttons.

     Tuesday sat on the edge of one of the stairs, waiting for Kenneth in the foyer. Their reunion proved to be an awkward one.
     She’d kissed him, as naturally as possible and commented that something smelled good. He didn’t explain the wafting culinary aroma, instead suggesting that they head out for dinner. Tuesday was surprised, as they’d both just experienced long plane rides and she felt thoroughly messy and crumpled. Kenneth, however, had a fresh after-shower glow, the ends of his hair still glistening with dew.
     “Okay,” Tuesday said gamely. “I thought we’d talk first.”
     “We’ll talk over dinner.”
     She paused. “I need to shower, then.”
     He seemed reluctant, his eyes cast downward. “I’ll wait in the library.”
     Tuesday wanted to linger in the shower, the warm water washing away the hours of travel, but she felt hurried. She pictured Kenneth waiting for her downstairs, the minutes ticking away on the large library clock.
     She dried quickly and put on a dress, not perfectly crisp, but clean and made better by the bathroom’s steam. She styled her hair and was rushing her makeup when she heard heavy footsteps in the hallway.
     “I’m almost ready,” she called out to him, “no, in fact, I am ready!”
      Tuesday pasted a wide smile on her face and hurried into the hallway.
     “Hey.” Peter stood in front her, smiling.
     Tuesday froze. What was he doing here?
     “You look nice,” Peter continued. “You and Kenneth going out to dinner?”
     “Yeah,” she answered slowly. Peter seemed to expect her to say more. She racked her brain. “Do you want to join us?”
     “Oh, no, you kids have fun,” he responded.
     Tuesday nodded, unsure of how to respond, and shuffled down the hallway.

To Be Continued...

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